Details of Schemes for free distribution of Milch Cows and Goats / Sheep to beneficiaries for selection of beneficiaries and distribution of Cows and Sheep and Goats

G.O.Ms.No.78, Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries (AH4) Department, Dated.29.07.2011 permit free distribution of 60,000 (Sixty Thousand) Cows in rural Village Panchayats poorest of the poor Family in the rural area across a period of Five years.

Like wise G.O.Ms.No.79, Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries (AH4) Department, Dated.29.07.2011 provide Free distribution of Twenty Eight Lakhs Sheep and Goat for 7 Lakhs Poorest of the poor Family in the rural Area across a period of Five years.

Under this scheme the following number of Villages and beneficiaries are getting benefit this year in Thoothukudi District.

Free distribution of Milch Cows

No. of Villages

No. of beneficiaries


650 (13 x 50)

Free distribution of Goat and Sheep

No. of Villages

No. of beneficiaries



Ist stage Inam Subramaniapuram 26 and Sangampatti 47 beneficiaries got Milch Cows.

Idaiseval 39 and Ammanpuram 32 got Goats that is each beneficiaries got one. He Goat and 3 she Goats.

Balance to be selected


Sheep and Goat

No. of Village

No. of Beneficiaries

No. of Village

No. of Beneficiaries





Beneficiaries are selected by Special Grama Shaba arranged by the District Collector following persons are appointed in the scrutinising committee.

  • Village Panchayat president
  • Vice President
  • The Senior most ward member (by age) representing SC/ST Community
  • The Panchayat level Federation (PLF) coordinator
  • an active SHG representative
  • the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (VAS) of the area and
  • the Dy. BDO (ADW)

Conditions for the selection of beneficiaries for Sheep and Goats.

  • Must be the Landless Agricultural Labourers.
  • Should be a permanent resident of the Village Panchayat.
  • The beneficiary household should have at least one member between the age of 18 and 60 to effectively rear the Goats / Sheep.
  • Should not own any Cow / Goat / Sheep at present.
  • Should not be an employee of central / State Government or any Organisation / Co-Operative or member of any local Body (nor should their spouse or father / mother / parents – in –law / Son / daughter / son-in-law / daughter – in – law be so)
  • Should not have benefited from the free Milch Cows Distribution scheme of the Government.

Conditions for the selection of beneficiaries for Cow

  • Women Headed households are to be given priority, (Widows, Destitute and the Disabled and the Disabled women to be given priority within this group)
  • Are below 60 years of age.
  • Do not own land over I acre in their own name or family members name. (However, owning some land is preferable, since it will enable production of green fodder in own land)
  • Do not own any cows / Buffaloes at present.
  • Have not benefited from the free Goats / Sheep scheme of the Government.
  • Should be permanent resident of the Village panchayat. Atleast 30% beneficiaries from the Village panchayat should necessarily belong to SC/ST (SC: 29% and ST: 1%) Communities.

Amount allotted to purchase of Cows – Rs. 72,50,000/-

Amount allotted to the purchase of Sheep and Goat – 61,71,000/-

Conditions for purchase.

Milch animals neighboring state. Sheep and Goat nearby Shandi or local area

Beneficiaries independently allowed to select the animal and the seller. The amount will be paid to seller by the purchase committee.

Purchase committee consists of the following

A procurement committee consisting of the beneficiary himself, the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon (VAS) concerned and headed by an Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry (ADAH).

Balance amount of animal cost and transport costs are being paid to beneficiaries by Account payee cheque.

Purchased animals are being inspected and are being given Health care by the Veterinary Assistant Surgeon and sending report every weak to Government through proper channel.

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