Head of the Office Designation : Dr. G. Sivakumar, M.D., D.A.,
Address : Govt. Thoothukudi Medical College, Thoothukudi
Kamaraj Nagar, 3rd Mile,
Thoothukudi – 628 008.
Phone No. : 0461 2330094
E-mail ID : deantut[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in

Head of the Office Designation : Dr.V. Kalaivani, M.D.,
Vice – Principal,
Address : Govt. Thoothukudi Medical College, Thoothukudi
Kamaraj Nagar, 3rd Mile,
Thoothukudi – 628 008.
Phone No. : 0461 2909000
E-mail ID : drkalaivanikumar[at]gmail[dot]com

Department Profile:

Schemes and Programmes ::

The Govt Thoothukudi Medical College was started and functioning from 16.08.2000.

In this college, Non-Clinical and Clinical departments are functioning. Sanction has been given for admission of 100 students for M.B.B.S. course every Academic year from the year
2000-2001. The annual intake of students has been increased from 100 to 150 from the academic year 2013 – 2014.

During this academic year, 100 trainees are undergoing (CRRI) internship training. 55 students are admitted and trained in the course of Diploma in Nursing from the Academic Year 2003-2004. DMLT Courses of two years duration and One Year Paramedical Certificate Course (Emergency Care Technician, Respiratory Therapy, Anaesthesia Technician, Theatre Technician and Orthopaedic Technician) were started from 2005-2006 with the total intake of 100 students and 150 students respectively. Moreover in Nursing Assistant Course for both gents and ladies, 50 students are trained every year from the academic year 2009-2010.

In Thoothukudi Government Medical College Hospital, departments such as General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, General Medicine, Ophthalmology, ENT, Paediatrics, Anaesthesia, Dermatology, Thoracic Medicine, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Physical Medicine, Dentistry, Neuro Surgery, Neuro Medicine, Onco Surgery, Physiotheraphy, Paediatric Surgery, Urology Surgery, Gaestro Enterology are functioning.

Ten Operation Theatres are available in this hospital. Surgeries for ENT, Eye, Dental, Ortho, Urology, Paediatric, Emergency, Septic, Family Welfare, Gynaec, Caesarian etc. are conducted here effectively.

The medical equipments such as CT Scan, Ultrasonogram, E.C.G., X-Ray, Endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, ECHO, EEG, Brancosecope etc. are available in this institution. Central Laboratory and Blood Bank facilities are also available here. MRI Scan and Master Checkup are available in this Institution.

All the services are provided free of cost to people below poverty line. An average of 2300 Out-patients and 1300 In-patients are treated here daily. Moreover, an average of 470 deliveries, 640 major surgeries, 1400 minor surgeries and 140 family welfare sterilizations are carried out here per month.

For more efficient functioning of this Medical College hospital, various buildings have been sanctioned by the Government. A new building for holding 500 beds has now been constructed at a cost of Rs.17.09 Crores. Totally, now 1112 beds are available. A new ophthalmic Operation theatre has been constructed and is functioning

Equipments worth Rs.10 Crores have been purchased as per the norms of Medical Council of India.

A separate Paediatric treatment block has been constructed by M/s. Sterlite Copper Industries, Thoothukudi. A new paediatric ward under CEMONC has been constructed and is functioned. A new ward for the Dept of Oncology in Govt. Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital at a cost of Rs. 1.60 Crores has been constructed. Further construction of new building for Teletherapy Unit is under progress.

A new building has been constructed and being utilized by Psychiatric department. Construction of another new building worth Rs.5.70 Crore is also being done for the O&G and Paediatrics Departments.

A special ward has now been set up for the patients affected by Dengue fever and qualified Medical Officers have also been entrusted with the treatment of dengue fever.

A special ward with air-conditioning facility has been located in the new building for various treatments under Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS).

In this Medical College Hospital, Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC), Revised National Tuberculosis Control Project (RNTCP), National Leprosy Eradication Project (NLEP), Anti Retiro Viral Therapy (ART) for HIV testing, etc. are functioning.

Transport facilities such as Ambulance and Mortuary Van are also readily available here.

In Thoothukudi Government Medical College, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine departments are functioning. Laboratories are functioning in the departments of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Pathology. In Forensic Medicine Department, approximately 750 postmortems are performed every year.

One library for the utilization of Doctors and students is also functioning. 11290 books are available in this library. Recent edition text books are also available here.

An examination hall with air-conditioning facility which can accommodate nearly 200 students, an auditorium that can hold about 700 persons and a gymnasium with modern amenities are also available for the welfare of students.

Separate hostel facilities for boys, girls and training students are also provided in this institution. There are 63 Quarters in the College campus for the residence of Medical Officers and Staff of this college and hospital.